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What’s up in JUNE&JULY

On June 20th HELTH-project is organizing a workshop for invited specialists. The workshop is held in Vaida village in an Estonian test-house (on the picture).

The objective of the workshop is to analyze the health and appearance of an old house and to suggest possible measures of renovation and modernization of a house with a high cultural value in order to preserve it’s values.

The performers are from Estonian Open Air Museum and Tallinn University of Technology. Participants are from universities, museums, National Heritage Board, private companies etc. There are architects, engineers, log-builders as well as historians involved.


In July we have three masterclasses: renovation of windows and doors, workshop on plasters and the third and last masterclass of renovating a kiln-oven.

More on the masterclasses in (in Estonian)!


Estonian Open Air Museum is participating in Pärnu Hanseatic Days (29th of June until 1st of July). We will share and teach the secrets and wisdom of ancient peasant lifestyle and traditional crafts. Among others the skills of log building. Two seminars concerning rural architecture are held on friday and saturday. And all homeowners in need of good advice are warmly welcomed to ask our friendly staff.

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