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Estonian Open Air Museum

Estonian Open Air Museum has been instituted to study and preserve the traditional architectural heritage. The museum holds more than 50 years’ experience of enhancing public awareness in the sphere of preserving traditional architecture as cultural heritage.

Estonian Open Air Museum has been the initiator of this project and coordinator of preparing the project.

At the beginning of 2007 an extensive national programme Rural Architecture and Landscapes: Study and Maintenance was launched. This programme endeavours to increase people’s consciousness, teach traditional building methods and find out how much of the old and valuable is actually preserved is Estonia. The aim is not to focus on the built environment only, but rather the traditional village landscape in its entirety, thereby following the processes which determine the changes occurring due to human activity or inactivity.

Main responsibilities and activities in HELTH

  • coordinate the activities or the project
  • organise training courses and seminars
  • contribute to the scientific research in Estonia
  • answer for the reporting of the whole project
  • organise meetings of the steering group
  • post-project the museum will continue to administer and supplement the homepage

Contact information

Estonian Open Air Museum
Vabaõhumuuseumi tee 12
13521 Tallinn

Elo Lutsepp
HELTH project  manager
+372 53 444 769

Aalto University

The Department of Energy Technology is the largest unit at Helsinki University of Technology that makes research and teaching in the field of energy technology. There are about 50 researchers and the number of the whole staff is nearly 100 persons altogether. The research done at the department covers fields related both to energy production as well as energy use. Special fields of know-how are development of the combustion process in combustion engines, industrial energy applications, among others drying, process integration, research related to burning of black liquor, system optimisation both in industrial processes and buildings, minimisation of entropy generation in different processes and systems as well as applications related to electrical networks and trade of electricity. A common feature for research focusing on energy production and energy use is the aim towards high energy efficiency and minimisation of environmental load.

Main responsibilities and activities in HELTH

  • contribute to the scientific research in Finland

Contact information

Aalto University
Research specialist School of Science and Technology
Department of Energy Technology
PO Box 14400
FI-000076 Aalto, Finland

Juha Jokisalo
+358 9 470 23598

Harju County Museum

Harju County Museum has operated in Keila manor house since 1988. The museum focuses on the natural and cultural heritage of Harju County. On the one hand library, archive and collections of the museum are at the disposal of researchers. On the other hand museum presents the heritage of Harju County in form of different exhibitions, publications and conferences.

Harju County Museum has earlier experience in working with rural architecture. The last bigger project was held in 2007 and it was dedicated to the architecture of community centres.

Main responsibilities and activities in HELTH

  • contribute to the scientific research in Harju County
  • organise seminars and exhibitions
  • provide interest groups with information and keep contacts with them

Contact information

Harju County Museum
Linnuse 9, 76008 Keila, ESTONIA
Phone: +372 6781668

Liisi Taimre
Phone: +372 52 53 892

Tallinn University of Technology

Tallinn University of Technology (TUT) has the mission to provide educational, research and innovation services in the fields of engineering and entrepreneurship, which are internationally competitive and significant for Estonia’s sustained development.

TUT is the scientific coordinator of the project. TUT has long experience of research the technical conditions, energy efficiency and service life of Estonian living stock. Current project gives possibility to study the conditions of old rural houses.

Main responsibilities and activities in HELTH

  • coordinate the scientific research in the project
  • contribute to the scientific research in Estonian houses
  • to deepen scientific collaboration between universities in project

Contact information

Tallinn University of Technology Chair of Building Physics and Architecture
Ehitajate tee 5  19086  Tallinn

Targo Kalamees
HELTH project manager in TUT
+372 6202402

Högskolan på Gotland

Högskolan på Gotland, har ett profilområde med namnet Förvaltning av kulturarv. Det innefattar två kandidatprogram; dels för byggnadsantikvarier, dels för föremålsantikvarier.
Forskningen inom området har en bred bas med spetsområden inom materialteknik och energieffektivisering.

Högskolans roll inom detta projekt

  • att bidra med fallstudier från Gotland till forskningsdelen av projektet
  • att medverka i utformning och genomförande av utbildningar


Gotland University
Department of Culture, Energy and Environment

Tor Broström