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Exhibition “Modern Barn-dwelling. Revival of an Archaic Space”

An exhibition about the restoration of the barn house and modern residential architecture inspired by the historical building type.

The exhibition was put together in collaboration with the Estonian Open-Air Museum, the Union of Estonian Architects and the Museum of Estonian Architecture. It raises the important issue – how to adjust the transformed customs, traditions, life standards and styles to the centuries-old barn dwelling? Does a 21st century person understand a building with low and smoky ceilings, small windows and doors?

The barn-dwelling, which holds an important place in the Estonian farm architecture, has been a symbol in its own right in the village landscape. The unique dwelling type, the result of specific living conditions of the area, as well as merging different functions under one roof, today serves less as a practical building and more as people’s homes or country houses.

The exhibition presents 11 restored barn-dwellings and five reconstruction projects, where the architects have tried to envisage all the comforts and preferences of a contemporary person. Also featuring seven modern residential projects, which through a contemporary architectural language make references to the barn as an archetype, as a symbol.
Curator: Karen Jagodin (The Museum of Estonian Architecture)
Team: Kadi Karine, Elo Lutsepp (Estonian Open-Air Museum)
Designers: Kaarel Nõmmik, Mikk Heinsoo
Technical assistance: Veiko Liis

The exhibition opened on Nov 9 in The Museum of Estonian Architecture.

Exhibition calendar:

9/11/2012 – 23/12/2012     Tallinn: The Museum of Estonian Architecture
4/01/2013 – 16/02/2013    Pärnu: Port Artur shopping center
18/02 – 17/03 Viljandi County: Tarvastu museum
20/03 – 23/04 Culture Center of Haapsalu
24/04 – 26/05 Museum of Hiiumaa
31/05 – 30/06 Estonian Open Air Museum
04/07 – 04/08 Museum of Coastal Folk in Viimsi, Harju County
06/08 – 08/09 Karilatsi Culture Center
10/09 – 23/10 Narva castle
24/10 – … Tartu railroad station

More information:
Karen Jagodin,, +372 523 8113
Kadi Karine,, +372 514 4774

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