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Coming in November and December

Exhibition Modern barn-dwelling. Revival of an archaic space

Estonian Open Air Museums exhibition in co-operation with The Museum of Estonian Architecture and The Union of Estonian Architects

How to adapt barn dwelling with changed living habits, style and standard considering that barn-dwelling is a centuries old type of building and no longer carries quite the same function as it did many decades ago. Exhibition presents 11 restored barn-dwellings and 5 modernized buildings of that type. Also seven modern houses which are inspired by the barn-dwelling.

Exhibition will be open in The Museum of Estonian Architecture from 10th of december until 23rd of December.

More information in Estonian.

Seminar: 6th day of old rural houses

This time the main subjects are toilets and environmental requirements for wastewater treatment in the countryside alongside with a short history of Estonian hygiene; fire safety of ovens and stoves, protection against lightning and thunderstorms. We also touch the subject of large trees around houses.

The seminar will be held in Estonian Open Air Museum on the 1st of December.

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