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HELTH project final conference

Estonian Open Air Museum Gotland University Tallinn University of Technology Aalto University Harju County Museum International Conference on Healthy and Energy-efficient Living in Traditional rural Houses May 14, 2013 Tallinn, Estonia INVITATION Project partners have the pleasure to invite you to participate in the final conference of the HELTH project – Healthy and Energy-efficient Living in Traditional rural Houses. PROGRAMME The conference is organized to provide an overview of the current understanding of energy-efficiency improvements in historical rural houses. Our aim is to bring together specialists (architects, engineers, researchers as well as students) working in the field of renovation of rural architecture. Presentations will cover the following topics: • Energy-efficiency in rural buildings • Defining cultural values in rural architecture • Air leakages and insulation of walls • Technical improvement of energy performance VENUE The conference will be held in Tallinn, Estonia, at the main building of Tallinn University of Technology (Ehitajate … Read entire article »

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Coming in November and December

Exhibition Modern barn-dwelling. Revival of an archaic space Estonian Open Air Museums exhibition in co-operation with The Museum of Estonian Architecture and The Union of Estonian Architects How to adapt barn dwelling with changed living habits, style and standard considering that barn-dwelling is a centuries old type of building and no longer carries quite the same function as it did many decades ago. Exhibition presents 11 restored barn-dwellings and 5 modernized buildings of that type. Also seven modern houses which are inspired by the barn-dwelling. Exhibition will be open in The Museum of Estonian Architecture from 10th of december until 23rd of December. More information in Estonian. Seminar: 6th day of old rural houses This time the main subjects are toilets and environmental requirements for wastewater treatment in the countryside alongside with a short history of … Read entire article »

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What’s up in JUNE&JULY

On June 20th HELTH-project is organizing a workshop for invited specialists. The workshop is held in Vaida village in an Estonian test-house (on the picture). The objective of the workshop is to analyze the health and appearance of an old house and to suggest possible measures of renovation and modernization of a house with a high cultural value in order to preserve it’s values. The performers are from Estonian Open Air Museum and Tallinn University of Technology. Participants are from universities, museums, National Heritage Board, private companies etc. There are architects, engineers, log-builders as well as historians involved. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ In July we have three masterclasses: renovation of windows and doors, workshop on plasters and the third and last masterclass of renovating a kiln-oven. More on the masterclasses in (in Estonian)! ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Estonian Open Air Museum is … Read entire article »

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Seminar: 4th and 5th day of old rural houses

This autumn we have two seminars of old rural houses. People of Saaremaa have requested their own seminar as it is problematic to visit us in Tallinn. Therefore there will be held a seminar in Mihkli museum on the 12th of November. On 19th of November we continue the series in Tallinn in the Estonian Open Air Museum. More information: aune[at] … Read entire article »

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Barn-dwelling experience. An exhibition that considers the barn-dwelling from different perspectives

On June 9th Harju County Museum opened an exhibition “Barn-dwelling experience” which considers the barn-dwelling from different perspectives. The main aim of the exhibition is to introduce the multiple nature of the barn-dwelling but homeowners are given some practical advice as well. Architectural historians and ethnographers have been interested in barn-dwellings for at least a century. Some researchers have tried to discover the nature of the barn-dwelling by calculating the average area of different rooms and creating different typologies – it can be called the statistics of barn-dwellings. The perspective of physics is added with the help of thermograms that indicate heat leaks in a building. At the same time a house can be seen as a biological community. In addition to people, rural houses may contain various living organisms … Read entire article »

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Seminar for architects (Estonia)

Seminar concerning indoor climate and energy-efficiency of traditional rural houses held on the 13th of May 2011 in Estonian Open Air Museum. Subjects covered are: Introduction of project HELTH; Overview of 2010 surveys, their methods and main results; Technical situation of buildings involved in the survey; Indoor climate of rural houses; Energy efficiency and basic solutions for renovation. Seminar is aimed at architects! More information in Estonian HERE. … Read entire article »

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Seminar: Old rural houses 3

We have invited a few people who own an old house in the country to share their experiences, disappointments and joyous moments with others. They are not professionals from cultural heritage field but common people who might be a lot easier to relate to. It’s good to learn from the mistakes of others but we also believe it gives a lot of new energy to rejoice over the victorious moments. Date: 26th of February 2011 Place: Estonian Open Air Museum More information in Estonian can be found HERE! … Read entire article »

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Exhibition: Forces of nature inside and outside of Estonian rural houses

Estonian Open Air Museum and Harju County Museum have organized a photo exhibition about forces of nature inside and outside of Estonian rural houses. Houses offer shelter and warmth but at the same time have to endure the always changing weather condition – whether it’s storm or sunshine. Some of the photos were literal, some took a more creative approach to present the relationship between their home, the weather and themselves. Both options though were very welcomed! Some of the photos were printed and formed into an exhibition, but a larger selection is presented right here on the homepage. The exhibition was opened on the 9th of Aprill 2011 in Metsanurme village center in Harjumaa county ( But this was only the beginning – the exhibition is traveling around Estonia. It has been exhibited … Read entire article »

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Conference on Energy Efficiency in Historic Buildings

Title: Conference on Energy Efficiency in Historic Buildings 9.-11.02.2011Location: Gotland, SwedenLink out: Click hereDescription: Since 2006, The Swedish Energy Agency has supported the scientific research programme Energy Efficiency in Historic Buildings, a programme co-sponsored by the Church of Sweden, and the Swedish National Heritage Board. The aim of the programme is to develop and disseminate knowledge and technical solutions that will contribute to energy efficiency while safeguarding our cultural heritage. This gentle approach to energy efficiency is reached by interdisciplinary cooperation, where energy conservation is integrated with the conservation of cultural property. The goal is to create a solid knowledge-based framework in order to facilitate long-term sustainable management of historical property of high cultural value. To conclude the first part of the programme, Gotland University, on behalf of the Swedish Energy … Read entire article »

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Seminar: Old rural houses 2

Location: Estonian Open Air Museum Date: 2010-12-04 Description: Different specialists spoke to home owners and others who are interested in indoor climate on subjects that cover many different areas from planning and renovation to windows and heating. In our book was the event a success, as more people attended then initially planned and moreover they participated actively. … Read entire article »

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